As the temperature begins to fall, why not abbreviate the winter by joining our tour to the far northeast of India as it borders Myanmar? 

This is a tour for those who love to go further, see more and be intrigued by journeys beyond the normal tourist trail. This March, as the UK shivers and grits its teeth (for various reasons!!), we will be enjoying the warm air as we travel through undulating hills, visiting unique villages rich in cultures and traditions and monasteries on a riverine island. We will sip sundowners on the verandah of a tea bungalow, and ride elephants through a wildlife sanctuary to see the one horned rhinoceros. Finally, we will then find ourselves relaxing together as we take a few days cruising along the mighty Brahmaputra river, watching wildlife and visiting the riverside villages and silk producers there. 

Main tour: Manipur, Nagaland, Assam. 03-16 March 2019

India Northeast main tour pdf

Prior to this tour, we will be visiting Kolkata to explore this fascinating Indian city and its idiosyncratic heritage, as well as flying south to spend time in the tribal village markets there. Each tribal market is a busy, colourful open air weekly event, and the tribespeople are proud of their distinct characters and traditions. There can be no more rewarding way of dispelling jet lag before the main tour than this!

Pre-tour: Andhra Pradesh, South Odisha. 22 Feb-02 March

India Northeast pre tour pdf

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