Annie Owen and Tony Hatt live and work together, running their graphic and website design business in East Anglia. They have been back to India countless times since their first visit in 1991, and have travelled widely within the sub-continent.

In 2002, they decided to get married in India. They invited all their friends and family, out of whom sixty people chose to come with them. Thus Annie organised her first tour which was by far the largest group but a truly memorable event and a great success.

Since 2002, Annie has organised many more successful group tours visiting much of Rajasthan, as well as Tamil Nadu and Kerala in the south of India and the vast Kachchh desert region of Gujarat in the northwest.

Annie continues to plan exciting tours to the most interesting parts of India, some including river cruises or train travel. Itineraries are on the future tours page.

Keep visiting this website. It might surprise you. There may even be a trip to darkest Borneo in the pipeline...

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